Advanced Water Solutions has been locally owned and operated for over 20 years, selling water softeners and treatment. Our goal is to improve the quality of water for Southwest Montana residents, allowing them to experience all the benefits of healthy, clean, soft water.

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You can find us at many events through the year, including:

Bozeman Wild West Winter Fest
Bozeman SWIMBIA Home Expo
Billings Spring Home Improvement Show

Butte Mayfair
Gallatin County Fair
Billings Fall Home Improvement Show

Stop by our booth at any of these events. We’d love to talk with you.



Soap products are expensive. Water treated by Hague Quality Water softener systems will save you up to 75% on all soap products! Plus, it eliminates soap curd which causes dingy looking laundry, dry skin, bathtub rings, and water spots on your dishes, glasses and silverware.


Fixtures sparkle with soft water. No more ugly stains and soap residue on plumbing fixtures. Plus, fewer costly plumbing repair bills clean water reduces build-up of scale-forming hardness in water heaters and pipes with water softeners.


Cleaner, brighter laundry costs less with high quality water. Towels and clothing fabric continue to look great wash after wash. Better water also protects water using appliances such as coffee makers, dishwashers and washing machines.


Water treated by Hague Quality Water products and softeners rinse away soap film for a smoother shave as well as softer, shinier, more manageable hair. Plus, it increases razor blade life and reduces the need for special hair rinses and conditioners.